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About Sunflower

Founded in 2018 by an industry veteran Ulrik Pedersen, the newfound Danish brand, has taken the fashion industry by storm, being called the Danish answer to Acne Studios. Created for men in search of a fresh approach, Sunflower is a wardrobe of contemporary menswear, which balances understated intelligent design with a deep respect of the tailoring traditions. Every item is designed in Copenhagen, motivated by the frustration with passing fads and fashion trends changing with each season. The collections are characterized by the founders minimalistic aesthetic ideal and are underlined by their timeless designs and luxurious quality. The brand represents a yearning for something more lasting, real clothes made for men’s daily lives, and every piece has this “je ne said pas quoi” that makes it so perfect and somehow obvious, which is truly the most difficult balancing act when it comes to fashion.

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