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OLD TOM GIN 44% 500 ML.

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OLD TOM GIN 44% 500 ML.

OLD TOM GIN 44% 500 ML.

  • Made in Sweden
  • Made from the Same Distilled Gin as Hernö Gin, but with an Extra Amount of Meadowsweet Added in the Distillation and After Diluting it Down to 44%
  • Palate: Super-smooth Texture with a Light Sweetness and Botanical Notes. An Array of Juniper, Green and Crispy, Followed by Notes of Pine flowers
  • Finish: A floral Sweetness Combined with Woody Spice and Long-lasting Juniper Characterizes Hernö Old Tom Gin
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OLD TOM GIN 44% 500 ML. OLD TOM GIN 44% 500 ML.



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