Paraboot, a French footwear brand founded in 1908 by Rémy Richard-Ponvert, is renowned for its durable, handcrafted shoes blending functionality with timeless style.


About Paraboot

Rémy-Alexis Richard, a skilled cutter from a shoe factory, developed the Paraboot brand, which has been in business in France since 1908. The history of Paraboot starts in Izeaux, a small village in Eastern France close to the Alps, where Richard worked as a skilled cutter in a shoe factory. Despite the area's ideal terrain for hiking and skiing, all of the plant's shoes were sent to the inner cities. After realizing that the big cities were where the real money was to be made, Richard traveled to Paris with some models of his designs, and within a few years, he was contracting out of the exact same factory he had just left.

It would not be until a business trip to the U.S., that Paraboot would gain its name and reach its full potential. Amazed by the new-come rubber material, he went back to Paris and started to adapt it into his own collections. With this newfound discovery, the brand would produce its most iconic silhouette yet, the Michael. The shoes were promoted as hiking shoes and included heavy, work-ready leather, thick soles, and Norwegian-welted uppers. Paraboot was so confident in their footwear that they offered a guarantee that the shoes would last at least 10 months repair-free.
Now with the brand still in the family and run by the fourth generation, the Paraboot company has seen both great ups and the lowest of lows. With the brand currently steady growth due to the appreciation of heritage and the silhouettes which it represents, Paraboot delivers on all fronts. With designs that fuse the classic silhouettes with modern takes and exciting collaborations, Paraboots is sure to offer a style for all to appreciate and love.