Helligkorsgade 15 // 6000 Kolding // Tlf. 21 66 33 39 // info@harresoe.com

mandag - fredag 10.00 - 18.00 // lørdag 10.00 - 15.00

We proudly represent and welcome you to the universe of Harresø Concept Store & Agency located in the heart of Kolding, Denmark.
The main identity of the concept store is based on our personal interests and lifestyle.
Therefore you will be met with a personal serving by the two Harresø brothers in the store.

We have a strong focus on contemporary trends and this will shine through in our selection of designers and products, as they play a key role in the store.
To mention a few brands we carry in the store we have; Our Legacy, Y-3, Filling Pieces, Samsøe Samsøe & Histoires de parfumes.
Furhermore we will present additional categories of products, which will add extra value to the full experience.

Hereunder we will introduce selected wines, gins and perfumes together with accessories, sunglasses and personal care products.
The city has a proud background of design and craftmanship traditions, which we have widened even further. In our basement of the shop we have installed a creative shared office space, where we invite creative people from all kinds of fields to join and contribute to a subcultural environment.

We have an urge and vision of bringing a new setup of shop to the market.
We look very much forward to serve you a great experience when you visit Harresø Concept Store.

See you in a near future.

Kristian & Søren Harresø