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About us

We proudly present and welcome you to the universe and concept store of HARRESØ. HARRESØ is a culturally empowered, creatively driven concept store located in the heart of downtown Kolding.

Having a personal interest in fashion, the two brothers, who have worked within the fashion industry for the majority of their life’s, decided that it was time for them to create their own universe within fashion. The outcome of years of wishful thinking combined with hard work became a reality, ultimo 2015, when they opened the doors at HARRESØ Concept Store.

Since day one it has been our main goal not only to sell garments, but also to inspire and develop a collaborate coherency, all based on the lifestyle and personal interest of the brothers. We strive to serve our costumers with a personal experience. When visiting HARRESØ you therefore will be met with a personal serving by the brothers together with our crew, also known as our small ”family”.

We accentuate personal relations between all parts – costumers as well as brands. We excel to handpick our brands to serve you the latest and contemporary trends. The key in our selection is the fusion between upcoming small labels versus international brands. We identify us with every brand we carry in the store – mostly because we aesthetically truly believe in them.

Each day it’s an onward process towards developing the identity of HARRESØ, as it is our urge and vision to make sure we share our latest and greatest sources of inspiration. 

We hope to see you in the near future.


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