Salomon, founded in 1947 in Annecy, France, is renowned for its innovative outdoor sports equipment and apparel, specializing in skiing and trail running.


About Salomon


Founded in the French alps in 1947, in Annecy France by François Salomon. Alongside his son and wife, François opened a metal workshop originally meant to produce saw blades, however, the shop would become a major part of the innovational history of the brand. 

After revolutionizing cable binding for skiing equipment, Salomon has continued to innovate in each field it ventures into, pushing the envelope of each part they produce. Mixing their flair for innovation with the brand's undeniable love for the outdoors, the end result is responsive and dynamic shoes that, in everyday life, push you to the limit while encouraging you to keep playing. The Salomon group's selection of shoes has grown over the years, with a constant focus on giving those who like the outdoors a high-quality shoe. 
Come 2016, JP Lalonde joined Salomon to lead its Sportstyle division - A more fashionable take on existing styles. The early days of Salomon Sportstyle have also shaped what it would go on to become. In the start Salomon would take existing styles and apply a new variety of colors to them, recontextualizing their silhouettes through the simple fact of changing the color application and being available to a different market. This approach is central to how the Sportstyle division operates, with performance-oriented silhouettes repositioned through subtle adjustments rather than compromising any technical elements.