(a.o.t.) is a Copenhagen-based conceptual design venture rooted in artisanal techniques and committed to Danish manufacturing creating narrative-driven items that transcend utility, challenging conventional perceptions.

About (a.o.t.)


(a.o.t.) stands as a conceptual design venture rooted in the heart of Copenhagen. Possessing an insatiable appetite for contemporary relevance and the power of narrative, they are dedicated to crafting items that transcend mere utility. Their creations challenge conventional perceptions, aiming to become enduring fixtures in our lives.

With an intriguing blend of fascination and frustration towards the history of production, they continuously seek to learn, unlearn, and redefine established practices. Their approach begins with artisanal techniques, and they expand to larger-scale production when demand calls for it, a departure from the conventional path that sets them apart.

Their unwavering commitment to manufacturing in Denmark, except when driven by conceptual necessity, reflects their dedication to environmental responsibility, geopolitical considerations, economic sustainability, and maintaining strong relationships with producers and partners. This allows them to remain adaptable in an ever-changing contemporary landscape.