ORMAIE PARIS, founded by Baptiste Bouygues and Marie-Lise Jonak, embodies a blend of artistry and sustainability in luxury fragrance, launched in 2018.




Founded by the mother-and-son duo, Marie-Lise Jonak and Baptiste Bouygues in 2018, ORMAIE which in French translates to "a grove of elm trees" is inspired by memories, art, nature, and people, ORMAIE fragrances are owed to a perfect union of creativity, artistry, craft, and the finest natural ingredients – each one distinguishable by the artfully sculpted wooden lid of its bottle. Unique in their approach of using no synthetic ingredients, the idea initially formed when Baptiste came to Jonak with the idea of creating an entirely natural perfume made without any synthetic ingredients. Jonak, who has her own illustrious background in fragrance-making, agreed to take on the challenge and after two years of production trial and error, the pair launched ORMAIE. Since its beginning with a single scent, the lineup has grown to 8 all individually recognizable by their unique glass bottle, wooden sculpted top, and most of all distinct scents.