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SLOE GIN 30% 500 ML.

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SLOE GIN 30% 500 ML.

SLOE GIN 30% 500 ML.

Made in Sweden

Made From Hernö Gin and Infused with Organic Sloe Berries as a Traditional Sloe Gin. Matured for Three Months Together with Ripe Berries

Palate: A Jammy Sweetness up front Before the Flavour Gradually gets Dryer and Tarter. Notes of Meadowsweet with a Floral Creaminess
Finish: Hints of Dried Flowers and Hay along with a Creamy Nuttiness and Dry Berries. Gentle, but Lingering, with a Little Tartness

hernö, Gin 0.0 500 DKK

No: 004640

SLOE GIN 30% 500 ML. SLOE GIN 30% 500 ML.



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