and wander

Founded in 2011 by Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori, And Wander quickly became synonymous with innovative outdoor gear and apparel blending urban aesthetics with high-performance functionality.


About and wander


In the breathtaking landscape of Japan, a story of passion for the outdoors and a desire to create something extraordinary began to unfold. It was in 2011 when two kindred spirits, Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori, embarked on a journey that would lead to the birth of a remarkable outdoor brand - and wander. The name "and wander" embodies the brand's philosophy of encouraging people to explore and wander in nature, embracing the spirit of adventure and discovery. Since its inception, and wander has been dedicated to producing high-quality outdoor apparel, backpacks, footwear, and accessories, with a focus on functionality, durability, and modern design. The brand quickly gained popularity in Japan and expanded its presence in international markets over the years. Their commitment to innovative design and use of advanced materials and technologies attracted a dedicated following among outdoor enthusiasts who appreciated the brand's attention to detail.

Today, and wander stands as a testament to the audacity of dreams and the power of following one's heart. Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori's brainchild has not only redefined outdoor gear but has created a global community of adventurers, united by a spirit of exploration and a desire to make every step count. In a world where boundaries seem limitless, and wander continues to inspire those who dare to seek the unknown, igniting the fire of wanderlust in every soul they touch. With every product meticulously crafted, the brand stands as an eternal tribute to the beauty of the outdoors and the journey of a wanderer's heart.