Goldwin, a Japanese brand founded in 1950, has established itself as a premier manufacturer of high-performance outdoor apparel and equipment.


About Goldwin


Dating all the way back to 1950, the company was initially established as Goldwin Inc. in Tokyo, Japan. Since its inception, Goldwin has been committed to producing high-quality performance clothing and gear for outdoor activities, sports, and everyday life. The brand's name, "Goldwin," is a combination of "gold" to represent excellence and "win" to symbolize the pursuit of victory and achievement. This name embodies the brand's mission to create top-of-the-line products that enable athletes and adventurers to excel in their pursuits. Over the decades, Goldwin has become renowned for its technical innovation and dedication to using advanced materials in their garments. The brand has collaborated with leading textile manufacturers and partnered with elite athletes to develop cutting-edge fabrics and technologies for its apparel, ensuring maximum comfort, functionality, and performance. 

With a strong foothold in the Japanese market, Goldwin has expanded its global presence, gaining recognition and admiration from athletes, adventurers, and fashion-conscious consumers worldwide. Goldwin's commitment to excellence, innovation, and performance continues to drive the brand forward.