Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO, founded by Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro, blends avant-garde fashion with sportswear influences since its inception in 1997.




Born in 1972 in Nagasaki, Japan, Yasuhiro enrolled in Tama Art University’s textile design program in 1993. Following a trip abroad, Yasuhiro set out to create his own brand, and in 1996, he launched archi doom with the backing of a manufacturer. archi doom’s days, however, were short-lived and following graduation in 1997, Yasuhiro rebranded the company after his own name.
With steady growth and a small number of stores opened in Asia it would be Yasuhiro’s partnership with PUMA, which solidified him as a footwear designer to be reckoned with. Yasuhiro debuted a range of reimagined classics, before eventually designing accompanying apparel and eventually introducing his own line entirely. PUMA by MIHARA YASUHIRO debuted in 2000 through several exclusive drops in Japan.

While Yasuhiro continued to develop his PUMA collaboration, he simultaneously expanded his eponymous label beyond simply footwear. The designer recalls slowly drifting into menswear, out of both curiosity and necessity, and finally presenting his first inaugural MIHARAYASUHIRO clothing collection at Tokyo Fashion Week in November of 1999.

Since then, Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO has continued to develop and has collaborated with the likes of Moncler, to now presenting seasonal collections which will continue to transfix those who have discovered Yasuhiro’s unique aesthetic, trompe l’oeil magic, and sophisticated textiles.