About Needles

Originating in Japan where it was founded in 1997, Needles was created by founder and designer Keizo Shimizu launching with one piece: a simple loose-fitting suit jacket inspired by one a young Miles Davis wore in the 1960s. Shimizu’s fashion venture began in 1988, where he launched Nepenthes, a distribution company in Japan with a special focus on U.S.-made goods. Shimizu’s frequent trips to America became scouting missions for sourcing vintage dealers, manufacturers, and fabric mills. By the ’90s, American factories were shutting down and production was moving overseas. Highly sought-after U.S.-made stuff became harder to find which made Shimizu start Needles in Japan. Moving forward from the Miles Davis jacket, the Needles collection now spans a range of styles and influences from American and Japanese cultural movements, especially drawing inspiration from films, actors, musicians, and artists.