Story mfg.

Story mfg. is a sustainable fashion brand founded by Katy and Saeed Al-Rubeyi in 2013, known for its ethical practices and handcrafted garments inspired by traditional techniques.

About Story mfg.

With a focus on sustainability and style, Story mfg. is a UK-based ethical fashion brand started in 2013 by Katy and Saeed Al-Rubeyi. Heavily inspired by workwear implementing utilitarian and clean details into each piece, the brand is undoubtedly most known for its use of natural dyes and sustainable fabrics. With products designed to benefit the earth, Story mfg. aims to create clothing which is built to last but made in the most sustainable way possible, to ensure a continuous product looking to expand into ever-new developing ethical manufacturing techniques and dying processes.


*All items are naturally dyed through an organic process, and may have some smell from the dyeing process and you may experience some crocking and rub-off when new *All item is screen printed with water-based inks which will biodegrade. They are free of solvents and use natural extracts so imperfections and colour variations are normal and expected